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Fees and Insurance

I provide a superbill for out of network insurance (PPO).

Sliding scale fees are available.

I have limited spots for Insurance Clients. No in network couples sessions.

Individual Sessions are 55 min and are $180. per session.

Couples Sessions are typically 75 min and are $280. per session. 


How long are Sessions?

I schedule individual sessions for 55 min, and couples sessions for 75 min.


How long will I need therapy?

There is not one answer for this question, because therapy is an individualized process, it can be short or long in duration. Some types of problems and goals for therapy can be effectively dealt with short term while others may take months or longer.



I provide most of her sessions via telehealth. In person sessions are mostly reserved for couples therapy.


How can Therapy help me?

Therapy provides an environment that is safe and non-threatening,  allowing you to express your thoughts and feelings freely.  I work with you to identify specific challenges that you would like to focus on, figure out ways to deal with and work through those challenges, and develop a better understanding about yourself.


What kind of Therapy may work for me?

Psychotherapy is a general term that groups together most forms of face-to-face/talk therapy. There are various types of therapy (cognitive behavioral, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic therapy) that are provided by professionals with different types of professional training. It is important to find the right fit for you.


I use a psychodynamic approach that focuses on interpersonal relationships and dynamics that are rooted in your attachment history. I very much believe in using practical language and tools that can assist you in your daily life.


What kind of Therapist do I need?

Therapists have different educational backgrounds:

  • Psychologists have a Doctoral degree  (Ph.D. or Psy D)  and need to be licensed to practice. Most have about six to eight years post bachelor degree training. They are registered with the California Board of Psychology. www.psychboard.ca.gov
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) have a Masters Degree and are registered with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. www.bbs.ca.gov
  • Psychiatrists have a medical degree (MD or DO) and can prescribe medication. They may also provide therapy but are predominatly trained to prescribe medication.


What to consider when selecting a Therapist:

When selecting your therapist you want to take your time to find someone that is right for you.  Therapy is a committment and an investment to work on yourself.  You want to make sure you select someone you feel comfortable and safe with. I offer a 15 min free phone consultation that may help you in choosing what feels right for you.


What does Confidentiality mean?
Therapy is confidential, which means what you share with your therapist is protected information, and private.  There are a few exceptions to confidentiality.  If there is an immediate threat or danger, to yourself or others, the therapist will need to break confidentiality to protect you or others.


When do I need a release of information?

you may wish to have your private information shared with your physician,  psychiatrist, or other treating professional.  To do so, you will be asked to sign a Release of Information Form that is specific to the person you want me to share selected information with.  I will not share information with anyone other than the person you identified.


What if I am in crisis?

if you are experiencing a crisis and want to hurt yourself or hurt someone else, you need to seek immediate help from your nearest Hospital or Emergency Room.



Disclaimer:  All information provided on this website is for informational purposes only.  No contract has been established between the person viewing this website and Dr. Wuts.

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