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The relationship between two partners can go through challenges at different times in the couples life.  I have taken additional training in Couples Therapy with Terry Real, Relational Life Therapy  (RLT) and the Couples Institute. RLT provides a refreshing outlook on the dynamics between a couple that includes our history, roles we may have had in our family of origin as well as hopes we bring into our couplehood for a deep connection with our partner.


Why do I need Couples Therapy?

Couples go through stages in their journey together, from the initial bonding to re-identifying who they are as individuals in addition to a spouse, parent, caretaker. provider, etc. Stages may inculde, newlyweds, parenting, being a caregiver to aging parents, managing health concerns, career changes; all while trying to stay connected and keeping a healthy partnership. 


Many couples come to therapy and identify that they struggle with communication

Often times the struggle is in listenting. "I need you to hear me without preparing your response." Listening is not something we have learned to do well. We mostly listen to reply, respond, share or views and do not HEAR, FEEL or CONNECT with our partners experience. 

Others have difficulty remaining connected as they go through changes. Keeping the curiosity alive for the person we have come to know so well and may hve spend decades with. We may feel a sense of boredom or lack of novelty in the relationship. 


Some couples seek help after a crisis, an affair, dishonesty, a health change, and want to repair and get back to what they thought they had. At times a crisis is not the beginning of the break down but the result of a disconnect in the partnership and could be an opportunity to repair your relationship.


I like to help couples navigate the challenges of their partnership and uses modalitiles of Relational Life Therapy and the Couples Institute; both are active approaches that guide the partners into developing different skills for listening, engaging, responding while in session - and transfer these skills outside the therapy office.










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