Where to Find Me:

Dr. Gerrian Wuts

Clinical Psychologist

License PSY 19870


Pasadena CA 91105

Phone: 626-840-8035

Business Hours

Please call for an appointment.


Languages Spoken

English, Dutch, German, Spanish


Other Information

Fees and Insurance

Dr. Wuts provides a superbill for out of network insurance (PPO). Sliding scale fees are available. 

She has limited availabiilty for Medicare and Anthem Blue Cross.



Therapy is confidential, which means what you share with your therapist is protected information.  There are a few exceptions to confidentiality.  If there is an immediate threat or danger, to yourself or others, the therapist will need to break confidentiality to protect you or others.


Releases of Information

You may wish to have your private information shared with your physician, partner, teacher, or others.  To do so, you will be asked to sign a Release of Information Form that is specific to the person you want Dr. Wuts to share selected information with.  Dr. Wuts will not share information with anyone other than the person you identified.



If you are experiencing a crisis and want to hurt yourself or hurt someone else, you need to seek immediate help from your nearest Hospital or Emergency Room.



Disclaimer:  All information provided on this website is for informational purposes only.  No contract has been established between the person viewing this website and Dr. Wuts.

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