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Dr. Gerrian Wuts

Clinical Psychologist

License PSY 19870


Pasadena CA 91105

Phone: 626-840-8035

Business Hours

Please call for an appointment.


Languages Spoken

English, Dutch, German, Spanish


When is Therapy Helpful ?

How will Therapy help me:

A therapist provides an environment that is safe and non-threatening,  allowing you to express your thoughts and feelings freely.  The therapist works with you to identify specific challenges that you would like to focus on, figure out ways to deal with and work through those challenges, and develop a better understanding about yourself.

Therapy can be useful when you want to:

  • Resolve a problem
  • Set realistic goals
  • Improve relationships
  • Help you make choices
  • Improve the way you feel
  • Increase self-understanding
  • Increase the ability to deal with life stressors


How long will I need Therapy:

There isn't one answer for this question, because therapy is an individualized process, it can be short or long in duration. Some types of problems and goals for therapy can be effectively dealt with in a few (for e.g., 6-12) sessions; for others, it may take several months or longer.  You can work with your therapist to determine the duration of therapy that will best serve your needs.

What kind of Therapy may work for me:

Psychotherapy is a general term that groups together most forms of face-to-face/talk therapy.  There are various types of therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, jungian therapy) that are provided by professionals with different types of professional training. It is important to find the right fit for you.


Dr. Wuts uses a psychodynamic approach that focuses on interpersonal relationships and dynamics.  In her work with adults, she also integrates practices from cognitive behavioral approaches and evidence based treatment models to best serve the individual needs of her clients.  In her work with children, she uses age-appropriate interventions  (for e.g., non-directive play therapy for young children)  and draws on her extensive training in developmental psychology and attachment theory.  


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