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Psychological Testing

Psychological testing can be helpful and may at times speed up the therapeutic process.  Psychological testing is also expensive and may not be an option for everyone.  Only licensed psychologists are trained to interpret psychological tests.  Psychological Assistants can conduct tests under supervision of a licensed psychologist.  When tests are administered in schools or by other types of therapists they may be for educational evaluations, or job interests, instead of being comprehensive psychological assessments.


Psychological Testing for Children

Psychological testing for children is warranted when the causes of academic problems are hard to identify or when behavioral problems keep the child from meeting his/her full potential.  The child will meet with the psychologist,  who conducts a number of different tests that identify skills,  challenges,  strengths, and weaknesses.  Typically the tests require multiple visits to the office, ranging from two to three hours at a time.  The entire process takes approximately one month,  after which a feedback session will be conducted and recommendations will be made to the parents.  Educational information may be generated that would benefit the chlid's teacher(s).  A signed release from the parents would be required prior to providing this information to a teacher.


Psychological Testing for Adults

Dr. Wuts has many years of experience testing adults.  Adults may benefit from testing when their cognitive functioning changes, they experience major distress in their day-to-day functioning, or they want to gain greater self-understanding. Psychological tests for adults are usually categorized into Personality tests and Intelligence/Cognitive tests.  Dr. Wuts will be happy to discuss whether psychological testing would be beneficial to you. Psychological tesing usually takes a few visits to the office, each lasting two to three hours.  After the testing is completed, a detailed report describing your strengths and weaknesses will be prepared. Dr. Wuts will provide you with feedback, and discuss how to proceed with treatment. 



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